The Start of 2014

It is a New Year, and thus a useful point in time way to get my outdoor activities back on track.

I have been a keen walker for a number of years, since my early 20’s really, and have previously completed Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk twice (first time in 7 days camping, the second time in 10 days using B&B’s), the Dalesway trail twice (first time camping, second time B&B’s) and Hadrians Wall Walk once (camping) and with various wild camping expeditions and ‘walking weekends’ over the north of England over the previous 20 years, getting out into the hills became part of what I did. Unfortunately, the past 12 months have been a bit of a desert with regard to walking, and I have only got out a couple of times at the start of 2013, and in retrospect this is a bit disappointing.

The only reason I can work out for the lack of outdoors action in the past year is apathy. It really does become too easy to find alternative reasons not to get out and do some exercise, and this is particularly so when the weather is poor. As a result of this lack of action, my mind has been focussed over the Christmas holidays to become more proactive with regard to getting the boots on and striding out again. I am looking forward to it, the fresh air and exercise should do me good.

I hope this blog will also reinforce my urge to get out, and also act as a diary of where I go and what I do. If you stumble across it, you may be inspired to also get out into the great outdoors, or you may just enjoy looking at the photo’s and places where I have been. No matter, here we go, get the flask and sandwiches ready… those boots were made for walking!

Looking down High Cup Nick

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