You have reached the video page.. You will find listed below various outdoor videos that I have done over the years. I will, hopefully, start to get a bit better at making them, but as you only become proficient through practice, and I don’t practice enough it could be a while before Hollywood comes a-knockin’!

Horton in Ribblesdale – Saturday 1st July 2017

Like the other videos contained on this page, this was again done in the “run & gun” style without a tripod to steady the shots. Well, a tripod was used for a timelapse sequence which would be a very difficult thing to do holding the video camera. This was filmed in Horton in Ribblesdale and followed a circular walk of around 6 miles by the flanks of Pen Y Ghent and along the Pennine Way. It takes in some fabulous geological features such as Hunt Pot and Hull Pot.

Langdale – Saturday 1st April 2017

This video was done at the beginning of April 2017 and was done with a view to how quick I could turnaround a film. It was filmed without use of a camera tripod (except for the timelapse clips and a couple of others where we stopped to eat) to try and speed up the production process, as setting up a tripod for every shot on a film really ruins the rhythm of a walk. Steve and Nick, two of my oldest friends feature in it, and it is the first time I have been out with Nick in a long, long time.

We start at the Sticklebarn in Great Langdale and do a circuit up and around Pavey Ark

A Wet Weekend Camping in Langdale & Keswick
Friday 24th to Sunday 26th March 2017

This video was done at the end of March 2017. My pal Chris and myself were supposed to be going on a wild camp above Grasmere, but the weather was atrocious, so we decided to confine ourselves to to the National Trust campsite in Langdale. The poor weather even started to affect the video cameras which were well covered to protect them from rain. I do hope the next time we go, the weather is better.

Coniston – November 1992

This video was taken in November 1992 and it is a two day adventure above Coniston. It was filmed with Tim and Nick, two friends, and at that time, also work colleagues.

We set off early on a Saturday morning and drove up to Torver, which is south of Coniston. As Tim owned a caravan at the time, we stayed in that. On the Saturday we ascended Coniston Old Man, and in the evening went for some food at The Old Church House Inn. We expected a few beers and plenty of homely grub, but we actually got was a group of raucous students playing some kind of drinking game where the phrase “Mr Chairman” was shouted out too many times.

On the Sunday we went and climbed Wetherlam, and then returned to the caravan to make our way home.



Langdale – November 1992

This is a video I put together back in Winter 1992. It was a walk in the Langdales starting at the car park near Stickle Barn. I undertook the walk with two friends and work colleagues (as they were at the time). Nick is the taller one in the cerise Berghaus jacket, and he is largely responsible for introducing me to the delights of the great outdoors – we are heading out again soon. We started by going up Stickle Ghyll, past Stickle Tarn and up Jack’s Rake where I almost fell off near the top – Tim grabbed me and saved the day! We then headed across the summits to Angle Tarn and then down the bridlepath at the side of Rossett Gill into Mickleden and walked along the valley bottom until we got back to Stickle Barn. It was filmed with a Panasonic NV-MC10 camcorder, which I paid £900 for in 1989 – (that is equivalent to £2,180 as of 2017). I still have the camcorder in its case, and it still works! Although I’ll stick with my modern HD Panasonic’s as the quality is far better, and they are much lighter too.